“The Varsity: A Deconstruction” Question/Discussion

  1. What are the posts doing?
    All three posts within this site description series compile and build upon one another into one larger, overlapping analysis. Each post focuses on a specific aspect of the restaurant, ranging from the auditory environment of the establishment, to it’s raw architectural detail, and finally to the author’s interpretation of the restaurant’s suggestive undertones; outlying a call to a retreat of a racially divided past.
  2. What is the message of each post?
    The overlapping message between these post is generally unclear until the very last where a bold claim is made of The Varsity being racist, at least architecturally. The previous two supporting posts however illustrate the establishment as a bustling city restaurant with a fairly rigid service structure. Bold description of the interior elaborates on a uniform theme with repetition found throughout the restaurant, while the audio provided in a second post builds on this idea. Repeated, distinct greetings/phrases heard throughout the clip reinforce the idea of a fairly consistent and structured customer service.
  3. Who is the intended audience? How do you know?
    These pieces are clearly aimed towards other academics and researchers, seeking to find a greater significance in the details of environment rather than just the surface level. This conclusion is obvious due to the writing style general direction of the posts.
  4. How might the information be useful? To whom? Why?
    The information and conclusion provided by the author are useful to all types of people because they command the reader to analyze the details from a much different perspective than they are use to. Despite my disagreement with the general consensus of the piece, I do admire the greater message at hand because it is only achievable through rich scrutiny. The information is useful because it forces readers to apply the same concepts the author reached her conclusion with to the rest of their personal world.
  5. How does the author establish credibility?
    The author cites The Varsity’s home website to further back evidence of her research in the first post, yet aside from this no other sources are drawn upon. Credibility is established through the author’s extremely specific and vivid description of the restaurant which reflects the extent of her research and efforts.
  6. What could be change to improve the effectiveness of each post?
    Despite the posts have a very descriptive and well thought out air to them, I believe they could be significantly longer and even still more descriptive. It’s difficult to grasp the general layout of the restaurant (most likely due to it’s sheer size), or really understand the fundamental mood being created inside the Varsity based on these site descriptions. The author’s attention to detail is impressive, but an overlapping description of how these details tie in to the restaurant’s theme is missing.
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