Annotated Bib: “1,000 Ideas for Graffiti and Street Art”

Campos, Cristian. 1,000 Ideas for Graffiti and Street Art : [Murals, Tags, and More from Artists around the World]. Rockport Publishers, 2010. EBSCOhost,

Cristian Campos’ work “1000 Ideas for Graffiti and Street Art” primarily features art works from urban centers decorating their streets around the world. Although this piece may have a heavier focus on entertainment rather than being centered around an argument, Campos provides important insight on the distinctions between street art, graffiti, vandalism, and the evolving societal perspective on the legitimacy of urban art. As graffiti has expanded into an art form with an incredibly low entry barrier, allowing even juvenile tag artists to spread their message, phrase, or logo across urban surfaces, so have our standards for evaluating where the line is drawn between vandalism and street murals. While street artists continue to hone and push the limits of their craft, the general public has begun to integrate these genre defining pieces into our own idea of what makes up traditional/official art; arguably to the disdain of traditional graffiti artists. The integration of urban art, previously an untamed form of expression now popularized, to the general construct of official art validates it as a legitimate genre. This idea is vital to my argument, as urban spaces being decorated with street art are now seen as vibrant, welcoming decorations rather than menacing tags. The addition of street murals to a neighborhood increases the positive impression of the space; decreasing crime correlated within the area.

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  1. mrsA says:

    Don’t forget to give attribution to your images. Be sure they are creative commons licensed or that you have permission to use.

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