Digital Atlanta Collaborative Annotated Bib

Page, M., Hurley, H., Collins, B., Glover, J. B., Bryant, R., Clark, E., Davis, M., Gue, R., Melton, S. V. H., Miller, B., Pierce, M. L., Slemons, M., Varner, J., Wharton, R.(2015). Digital Atlanta: A collaborative approach to remapping Atlanta’s past. 2015 Digital Heritage.

Authors Page, M.C, Hurley, J.H., Collins, B., Glover, J.B., Bryant, R., Clark, E., Davis, M., Gue, R., Van Horn Melton, S.,  Miller, B.,  Pierce, M.L., Slemons, M., Varner, J. and Wharton. R. argue that a successful, interdisciplinary collaboration is possible to yield advances in digital historiography. The article provides examples of technology that is used by students along with historical context to help bring about about an innovative approach of remapping Atlanta’s past. The main goal of the “Digital Atlanta” article is about Georgia State and Emory Universities combined efforts throughout digital projects to address Atlanta’s archaeological built environments and past achievements through digital databases such as; geo-databases, spatial history tools and digital map collections. The target audience of this article are those to work and inhabit the city of Atlanta. This is known from the consistent use of the pronoun, “we”. This implies that the authors are communicating as a whole/community. City planners, historiographers, archaeologists, urban geographers, people in CIS professions, and students who study government, geology/geography, history, information systems, or modeling may find this work useful because this article collaborates varied and specific skills from numerous professions on the history of Atlanta along with the process of a digital remapping of the city. This cross section of skills provides reference for students and professionals as to how their abilities continue to contribute to a greater understanding of history and science.


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