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Within any designed space there is an inherent emotional feeling evoked from the qualities of one’s environment. Whether they be fascination at the complex architecture of a building, or anxiety within the blank walled confounds of a hospital waiting room. The objects, colors, textures, and utilization of space are defining features of how built environment influences, evokes, and/or enhances different moods or emotions from the people who occupy these spaces.

Photo by Bret Price










With a primary focus on the way objects, specifically art installations, affect public spaces, I turn to examine the campus of Atlanta’s own Georgia Tech. The University’s grand grounds exhibit expansive walking spaces secluded from cars and road traffic. Most importantly though are the 8 art installations strategically sprawled along the walk ways. With general themes of modern art, displaying focuses on geometric, spatial, texture and colored based themes, the installations individually instill different ideas that challenge ideas such as perspective and interpretation. When looked upon together though, I believe the art pieces communicate ideas relatable to something as bold as the human condition. Aspiration, conflict, mortality, and curiosity are all concepts that can be interpreted by the art within Georgia Tech’s university grounds. Although some of the pieces on campus can be interpreted as bold and heavy, their appearances at first glance generally give off positive vibes due to the use of vibrant colors and interesting geometric design.

Photo by Doug Schartz, 2013









When an object or art piece is newly introduced to an already established environment, it influences the behavior in different forms of those who interact with it on a daily basis. Introducing interesting and mentally stimulating art pieces and integrating them within common campus life intends to not only challenge the interpretations of students but also to enrich their built environment with revitalizing structures. Georgia Tech’s campus displays an importance on the usage of space and it’s positive relaxing effects on a community; in conjuncture with the art installations a culture of recreation is integrated with the learning spaces of the University.

Photo by Adam Garey







The sculptures all exhibit entirely different geometric patterns and interactions within the pieces. Weaving beams of rusted orange and brown reaching skyward, a crown of vibrant steel red thorns ordered in random seemingly chaotic heights and angles, even what appears as a broken spring of bright orange, large and overturned with rings criss-crossing and curling around one another. These are the images of modern art that adorn the walking spaces of Georgia Tech, yet they hold the ability to contribute so much more to the student community than just passing fascination.

Photo by Peter Lundberg












Art is integral to the notion of challenging complacent perspective, allowing for creative interpretations of imagery, and evoking emotions or feelings from their observers. Georgia Tech’s built environment mirrors the mission the University continues to fulfill; to continue improving the human condition through innovation.

Photo by Verina Baxter


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