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Georgia Tech In Focus

Within any designed space there is an inherent emotional feeling evoked from the qualities of one’s environment. Whether they be fascination at the complex architecture of a building, or anxiety within the blank walled confounds of a hospital waiting room. … Continue reading

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Georgia Tech Personal Environment Response

Georgia Tech, Atlanta’s leading research university, hosts one of the most brilliantly designed urban University campus’ across the nation. Hidden between the sky scrapers of the city lies an emerald of green space and wandering concrete paths that intertwine into … Continue reading

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Little Five Points’ Focused Environment

Atlanta can be broken up into several distinct neighborhoods or districts all which offer different vibes based on the people that make up the area and the specific culture that stems from these areas. The most alternative of these neighborhoods … Continue reading

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The ATL Beltline & Built Environment

Amanda Tyler connects the effects of built environment and overall community health within Atlanta by examining birth outcomes as a type of metric. Specifically focusing on the Atlanta Beltline and how it has changed the lives of people living within … Continue reading

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Broken Windows & Standards of Order

In Dunham and Alpert’s book Critical Issues in Policing, concepts of perceived safety are challenged and compared with actual crime rates based on the presence or lack of a foot patrol police unit within and surrounding neighborhoods. Results generally revealed that … Continue reading

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Neighborhood Effects on Mental Health

Mental health is deeply intertwined with the built environment and conditions of every day life surrounding you. Low socioeconomic status inevitably creates strain and thus stress on civilians not only due to a lack in funds to live off of, … Continue reading

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Graffiti, Greenery, and Health

Anne Ellaway, Sally Macintyre, and Xavier Bonnefoy employed a cross sectional study on the relationship between obesity, green space, and graffiti or general vandalism across multiple European countries and cities. This survey found astonishing, dramatic results on the influences of … Continue reading

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Street Art as Political Communication Chaffee, Lyman G. Political protest and street art: popular tools for democratization in Hispanic countries. Westport, Conn. u.a.: Greenwood Press, 1993. Print. Chaffee highlights the potential of street art within the Hispanic world as an important medium to communicate … Continue reading

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How does evidence apply to title thesis? Concept introduced on 1st slide but different ideas elaborated on and supported through the rest. Tie these together. Slight grammatical errors: open quotation on 4th slide, double negative (, & run on sentence. … Continue reading

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Annotated Bib: “Visual Art as Revolutionary Rower: Street Art as Religious, Geological, ana Ethical Declaration in Egypt’s 2011 Arab Spring”

Myhre, Paul O. “Visual Art as Revolutionary Power: Street Art as Religious, Theological, and Ethical Declaration in Egypt’s 2011 Arab Spring.” ARTS, vol. 23, no. 4, 2012, pp. 20-36. EBSCOhost, Paul Myhre elaborates on the sweeping sensation of street … Continue reading

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