Neighborhoods of Atlanta

Inner City Atlanta is sectioned and titled by various neighborhoods which encompass the metro area. These neighborhoods vary greatly in size, demographic, and even culture based on their location within the city and the socioeconomic and external influences that affect each district. Taking a deeper plunge into the defining factors of the cities’ neighborhoods; we can find crime rate, and lower end income averages as defining traits on the public interpretations of these areas. Typically West Atlanta struggles heavily in comparison with the national average in all archetypes of crimes ranging from vandalism all the way to personal assaults.

West Atlanta is plagued with symptoms of disorder, which further divide the communities in it’s living spaces through fear, stress, and anxiety. Their neighborhoods, rather than the united, home grown idealism of quaint areas such as Little Five Points, exhibit no features (namely artistic expressions) of which to provide a sense of community for locals. Rather their street corners are branded by the work of organized gangs as territorial markers or defaced with crude graffiti.

Comparing the depressing, dangerous streets of the west end with neighborhoods like Buckhead may seem an unfair product of socioeconomic differences, yet the defining factors we see creating difference in the two areas besides race deal with standards of safety and public ordinance being upheld. These in long route connect with the artistic expression of a neighborhood through urban art which ties rather closely to the communities inter connectivity within that built environment.