Down The Rabbit Hole: Little Five Points Personal Site Response

Photo by Candra Umunna

Atlanta’s Little Five Points is a metropolitan diamond in the rough. Amidst the bustling and ever so often labyrinth like streets of down town lies a colorful bubble of a neighborhood entirely unaware of the aesthetic of it’s surrounding city. 

Photo by Thomas Ronan

This ignorance produces a vivid, colorful, alternative art culture which has began to define the neighborhood. Focusing on color as I explored the neighborhood I found myself enthralled by the unique theme each storefront established for itself in competition with it’s neighbors. Reading a book by it’s cover here, unconventionally, was the best way to gauge the most interesting stores in the area:

Photograph by The Junkman’s Daughter

The epicenter of the neighborhood is fixated around Euclid Ave NE, featuring a vast variety of stores along both sidewalks selling everything from price gauged second hand clothes to Ethiopian cuisine. The main attractions curve around a corner as Euclid Ave meets Moreland Ave NE. Following Euclid Ave across the intersection brings you through a quaint neighborhood of Victorian styled houses which reflect the bold individuality of Little Five Points through their most defining feature: color.

Source: Flickr user megananne

The most important aspect of analyzing Little Fives Points built environment was understanding that its entire disregard for uniformity ironically created a consistent aesthetic within it. The countless nuanced differences between every store front, the colors, textures, fonts, and art used to define every building from it’s neighbors forged a unitary theme of alternative art across them all.

Photograph by Eric Cash

Photograph by Thomas Ronan

My favorite discovery within this hidden gem however, was by far the street art which adorned the side of any exposed building in the vicinity. Expansive murals acting as silent watchmen over back alley parking lots, powerful minimalist social commentary pieces, and even painted power boxes attached to poles along the sidewalk and every drop of  color in between are the true defining attributes of what makes Little Five Points the most unique neighborhood in Atlanta.

Photograph by Jenni Girtman


Photograph by Thomas Ronan

Photograph by Thomas Ronan

Little Five Points was molded by it’s vivid colors which reflect the people attracted to the area; individuals each with their own experiences and stories to share culminate here as varied as each hue within a rainbow celebrating our own uniqueness.

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